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    The Wingerworth Parish Burial Records Project attempts to make fully accessible the official records of all whose remains, including ashes, are interred in the All Saints Churchyard in Wingerworth.

    The records date back to 1539, soon after Henry VIII instructed all churches to register all baptisms, marriages & burials. To date the project has registered the details of 3,215 people who have been recorded as having been buried in the churchyard.  Sadly the parish register covering the period from 1539 to 1805 has been badly damaged, so many of those records are now lost. However, mainly due to the good work of Dr David G Edwards who created a transcript of the register, it has been possible to salvage some of that information for the project.

    The primary project sources are:

    • Burial records held at the Derbyshire Records Office and All Saints Church;
    • Transcripts of records held at the Derbyshire Records Office;
    • A transcript of memorial inscriptions created by the Derbyshire Family History Society;
    • A series of historical accounts created by Dr David Edwards;
    • Photographic record of gravestones created by Hilton White;
    • Burial plot records created by past sextons particularly Frank Bunting and John Thoms.

    This website sets out a summary of the information covering names, dates, ages, location within the churchyard and the register reference. The main database, contains additional information about an individual's  residence, transcripts of gravestone inscriptions and some limited  background information. It also includes a series of diagrams of the  churchyard layout to help with the identification of burial plots.

    This is still a “project in progress” and there is much yet to do to fill in some of the gaps. In addition, as the project continues to develop, the information will be expanded to include photographs of gravestones, some historical accounts and extracts from obituaries. All this information (both current and prospective) will be available from the Church Centre.

    A debt of gratitude is owed to the following people who have contributed to the project to date: Paul Beard (adviser); Graham Bunce (computer support); Frank Bunting (sexton); Dr David Edwards (historian); Nick Knyhynyckyj (church warden); Dr Margaret O'Sullivan (County & Diocesan Archivist at Derbyshire County  Council's Records Office); Sharon Parker (parish records); Alan Thompson (church centre manager); John Thoms (sexton); Hilton White (photographer); Jo White (Rector); Iain Wilson (original website designer &  administrator); Members of the Derbyshire Family History Society.

    If you want any information about the project then please contact the project manager Chris Hutchings via the Feedback Page.

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