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    Trickett family references

    (compiled by David G. Edwards from his Wingerworth notes)

    Tombstone in Wingerworth churchyard: Jane wife of Robert died 20 May 1787 aged 59


    Wingerworth parish registers (incompletely searched):

    Hannah buried 6 July 1845 aged 61; Hannah buried 21 April 1848 aged 25; Hannah buried 16

      • April 1851 aged 68; Joseph buried 5 March 1857 aged 72; John married Hannah Smith 25 December 1844; Elizabeth married John Higginbotham 28 June 1847; Harriett married John Clark of Blackwell 30 January 1849 Elizabeth daughter of John baptised 7 April 1850; James married Hannah Norman 3 April 1804; Joseph married Sarah Norman 12 September 1808
  • Various archives as noted individually (DRO = Derbyshire Record Office):
      • Ann: In 1844, aged 45, of Wingerworth, a widow with 2 children, received poor relief of £3 17s. 5Y2d. in the half-year to 21 September 1844 (DRO, D2662/51/1).1n 1843, living in one of a row of3 cottages on N side of Swathwick Lane, between Swathwick Farm and Ivy Farm (Tithe Award & Map). In 1841 census at Swathwick with Lydia aged 13 and Lucy aged 9; occupation given as 'Independent'. In 1851 census at Swathwick, widow of agricultural labourer, aged 59, born in Walton, with daughters Charlotte aged 24 and Lucy aged 18 and granddaughter Clarance aged 9.
      • Benjamin: Died at 'the Hill House' [presumably meaning Harper Hill House, the precursor of the present house of that name] 17 March 1837 (Derby & Chesterfield Reporter, 23 March 1837). Supplied coal to the overseers of the poor in 1824/5 (DRO, XfT 156). One of those hiring servants in the period 1815-25 (DRO, D2662/49/1). Living in the above house in 1819, renting a farm of 38 acres from the Hunlokes; this farm lay on both sides of the lane thereabouts (DRO, D1306A/PP2 and Chesterfield Library, HUNS 2- map and terrier respectively).
      • Charlotte: Born in 1827, admitted to Chesterfield Union Workhouse 5 April 1851 because pregnant; gave birth to daughter Mary there 28 May 1851; discharged with Mary 11 August 1851, with 'nothing good' written in the Remarks column of the register (DRO, D2741/H/l/5). In 1851 census as noted under Ann above.
      • Elizabeth: In 1841 census aged 20, a servant in the household of William Hopkinson, farmer, at Swathwick Cottage (at junction of Watson Lane with Swathwick Lane).
      • Hannah: In 1843 living in a cottage (probably pulled down before 1851) on N side of Birkin Lane (close to junction with New Road), renting 4 acres from the Hunlokes (Tithe Award & map). In 1841 census described as farmer, aged 50, with John aged 25, higgler, and Harriett aged 20, James aged 6 and Edward aged 2. Not found in 1851 census for Wingerworth.
      • Hannah (another): See under Joseph below.
      • James: See under Hannah above for 1843; may be the same as the James, aged 14 and born in Wingerworth, living in Hasland in 1851 census as a masonís labourer in the household of James Hancock.
      • John: In 1808/9, took Ann Pursglove as a pauper apprentice (DRO, X/T 156). See also under Robert below; he looks to have been the son of Robert and father of Benjamin above.
      • John (another): In 1851 census for Hasland, aged 35 and born in Wingerworth, owner-occupier of 5 acres, living on Gill's Lane, Grassmoor.
      • Joseph: In 1819, living in same cottage (sub-let by the overseers of the poor) at Swathwick as was Ann above in 1843 & 1851; perhaps husband of Ann.
      • Joseph (another): In 1843, living in the cottage (demolished by 1861) called Yew-Trees in the 1851 census (S of Tricket Brook between Malthouse Lane & Pearce Lane) (Tithe Award & map). In 1841 census, living there with wife Hannah. In 1851 census, living there aged 65 as Chelsea pensioner and agricultural labourer, with wife Hannah aged 57 [error for 67, evidently: see burial record above].
      • Robert: Parish constable of Wingerworth in 1775 (DRO, jurors' lists). Paid £2 2s. land tax in 1780 (at 4s. in the pound on annual land value); one of the collectors of the tax in Wingerworth in 1790 (DRO, land tax returns). In 1779, tenant of the Hunlokes from a 36 1/2 acre farm, substantially the same as that occupied by Benjamin above in 1819, and succeeded there by John at an unknown date around 1800 (DRO, D4972/1, with roughly corresponding map of 1758, D1306A/PP1; copy of D4972/1 at Chesterfield Library, HUNS 1). See also the first John above.
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